Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pyjama Party!

Hello again! I decided, a bit late in the game, to join in the Pyjama Party hosted by Karen of Did You Make That? By the time my Tofino pattern came in the mail, I had 10 days to make this happen. And, to up the difficulty level, this week I've had to unexpectedly buy a car (my husband was rear-ended and luckily he's fine but the car was not), and prepare for my in-laws to visit this weekend.

I've been a scared of pants every since I made my first pair of pajamas. They were my very first garment, and it took me weeks (literally - weeks!) and the fit was terrible. But, I've come a long way since then. I could totally do this!



I made it! I didn't have time to head out to the 'burbs for additional supplies, so I reluctantly skipped the piping and fabric belt. It's such a fun detail and I've never made piping, so I'm going to go all out for my next pair.

I made an 10 in the waist, and then blended to a 6 in the hips, using Karen's helpful instructions. I messed up the grading in the crotch, and the pieces didn't go together perfectly. I fixed it, but the crotch ended up a little higher than the pattern intended. It's not uncomfortable though. I think next time I might do an 8 in the waist, since it's till a  little baggy.

The fabric is a floral quilting cotton I inherited from my grandmother. It's a little stiff, but I'm hoping it will soften after a couple more trips through the washer/dryer.

I broke my ironclad,  never, ever, ever, unless the house is on fire, go outside in pajamas rule for you guys. I got a lot of strange looks from my neighbors walking their dogs. Why is a grown woman being photographed in her pajamas at 5:30 pm? But totally worth it, because this is a great pattern and I definitely plan to make more.


  1. Lovely pjs, totally worth braving the strange looks from the dog-walkers!

    1. Thanks! I think it was worth it too - I love bloggging :)

  2. They're lovely pyjamas! Very brave going outdoors. I didn't quite make it to that stage. I felt brave just leaving the curtains open while I took pictures

    1. Good idea! If I had that option I might not have been so brave. My apt doesn't have great lighting, so I go for scenic outdoor shots and give the neighbors something to gossip about.