Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Gift Knitting

Sometimes the best reason to give a gift is no reason at all. While Christmas shopping on Etsy I came across this adorable penguin amgurumi pattern. One of my brothers has a thing for penguins, and this project, as our mom would say, just screamed out his name. I just had to make it for him. As soon as I was free of the clutches of Christmas gift knitting, I turned to this pattern.

All gifts should be like this one, with no schedule and no stress. It didn't hurt that this is a really straightforward pattern that doesn't require any of the fancy techniques that amigurumi knits usually call for (wrap and turn, I'm looking at you). I decided to knit the body and the hat in the round in order to avoid seams, but overall I found the pattern very quick and easy.

I'm pretty happy with how it came out, and the little penguin now lives in a place of honor - my brother's curio cabinet. Bill the Penguin now shares space with an autographed picture of Bruce Campbell in Army of Darkness!

So awesome. I'm honestly flattered.

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