Monday, February 18, 2013

Hats and Scarves

Hello again! The past couple of weekends have been very full (in a good way!) so I haven't started any major projects. I did finish a couple of small ones though, just in time for the end of winter.

First up, the Indian Summer Hat. I got this pattern in a 2012 page-a-day calendar two Christmases ago and just now got around to making it.

Indian Summer Hat by Kalurah
It's supposed to be a slouchy beret, but unfortunately mine didn't turn out slouchy at all, even after I added an extra inch to the eyelets before decreasing to lengthen it. I hate to admit this, but I think I need to come to terms with something: I have a big head. There, I said it. I like to think I have a dainty head, but let's face it, I got my dad's big noggin.

I used double-stranded Knit Picks Shadow. It was my first time using lace, and it was so delicate I could just break the strands with my fingers if I was feeling too lazy to dig out my scissors. Funnily enough the hardest part of this project was picking out the button. Nothing seemed quite right, but is what I ended up with:

Even thought it didn't come out slouchy, the hat is big enough to cover my ears, and loose enough that it won't give me hat hair. I'm putting it in the win column! More project notes are here on Ravelry if you're curious.

The other project is an infinity scarf made from a 25 cent remnant from my trip to Fabric World. It was maybe 1/3 of a yard at best, so I cut it into two long strips, and joined them to make one very long skinny scarf.

I looped it around three times. It goes almost down to my feet without looping, and was about 10 ft long before I joined the ends. This should give you an indication of scale:

The fabric was slightly sheer, so I decided to give french seams a try. Very easy to do, but pretty boring to sew two 10 ft seams! The french seams blend right in: 

I wore this outfit to brunch yesterday with a friend and as we were settling in at our table she looked at me and said "Did you make that scarf? That seems like the kind of fabric you would pick out." Busted! I like to think my me-made items blend in well with my ready-to-wear items, but maybe not. That's okay though. I'm okay with being a little eccentric.

Hope you all are having a lovely President's Day. I have the day off (one of the perks of working for the government!) and am hitting up the Joann's sale this afternoon.

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